We’ve launched a new GreenShield!

greenshield product launch

I’m excited to announce the brand new version of GreenShield! We’ve worked closely with our beta companies to integrate the valuable employee feedback we’ve received into the latest version of the product.

The statistics are staggering – $0.50 of every $1.00 of a millennial’s paycheck goes to repaying their Student Loans, Credit Cards, Personal Loans and other debt. And we believe employers are in a unique position to help with their employees with fixing that.

We’re also seeing this debt issue hurt retirement contributions. Many of the millennials we work with aren’t able to fully take advantage of their employer-sponsored retirement plan, like a 401k, because of their large debt obligation. And this problem is compounded if the employer offers a match – employees are leaving free money on the table.

Using the new version of GreenShield, employees are able to submit the debt they have, and we’re able to identify refinancing opportunities from 1000s of options, ranging from traditional lenders to credit unions and peer to peer lenders. In addition, employees are given actionable steps to pay off the debt.

As a result, employees are able to save and contribute more to their emergency savings and retirement funds.

If you’d like a demo to see the product in detail, feel free to contact us and we’ll schedule a web demo!

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